Project Description

.NET API Library for v2 RESTful API with fully compliant OAuth 1.0a for all CRUD & Upload Images API - developed in VB.NET. *15/11/2010 MAJOR UPDATE*

Download the latest version from now!

Etsy is a leading online marketplace for buying & selling of all things handmade.

The API interface is a new development for ETSY and the ETSY API provides a simple RESTful interface with lightweight JSON-formatted responses to use many of Etsy's website features, including public profiles, shops, listings, tags, favorites, and gift guides.

Currently there's no documentation (apart from the Etsy API documentation). Demonstration applications and tutorials can be found at - more coming soon...

WPF ScreenSaver Screenshot


If you have any questions, I can be reached at Email.

If you build an application or website using our Libraries, please contact me as we'd love to hear about it and publish it on our website.


Update History

17/3/12 - Now includes localization support for dates and number formating
05/01/11 - Added MVC2 Sample website with Listing Keyword Search and OAuth authentication examples. Source code is heavily commented.
15/11/10 - MAJOR UPDATE Full CRUD & Image Upload support, 100% OAuth 1.0a compliant, Async support, MS platforms supported: Winforms, WPF, Silverlight 4.0, ASP.NET Classic, & ASP.NET MVC, more sample application (email me Email to get an early version with souurce.)
16/09/10 - Version 2.0. Re-engineered the library, replaced the JSON engine with the .NET WCF serializer/deserializer, new Trace Info & API call count tracking, and added console demo app.
1/04/09 - Cleaned up & tightened the WPF screensaver code and added more options
31/03/09 - Updated WPF screensaver to allow click-through to the listing page on
30/03/09 - Tightened up code after receiving a null record from Etsy API. Sample WPF Screensaver is included demonstrating the usage of the EtsyNET API wrapper DLL - enjoy!
28/03/09 - Latest release now fully supports serialization
7/03/09 - Updated to support the new FeedBack and Listing Color/Material searches; 12 New APIs; breaking changes made to some Etsy RESTful developer APIs
15/02/09 - Initial BETA release supporting BETA v1 release 33 of the ETSY RESTful API - 22 APIs

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